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Wrap dress Nanna

Wrap dress Nanna

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Pattern sheet and description for wrap dress Nanna with two sleeve variations.

The wrap dress Nanna is a wonderful dress with proper width in the skirt. You choose whether you want a short sleeve with a puff or a long sleeve with a smooth cuff, but both have a lovely width in the skirt part. The wrap is "large" in both front pieces so that it won't slip when you move.

The pattern is printed on a stronger paper that can be saved. The description is printed in color with pictures with a step-by-step guide to help you get going. Everything is delivered in a nice bag where you can keep both the pattern sheet and the description.

The PDF pattern is delivered directly after purchase in your confirmation email. Download and start by printing the description where there are tips on how to print the pattern pieces.


See the dimensions in the picture.

The length can be varied. The model wears all garments in size M and is 1.70m.


• Cotton poplin, plain cotton, linen, These fabrics become more "puffy"
• Viscose, thin wool. lyocell. Will fall more "closer" to the body.

The garments in the pictures are all sewn in cotton poplin.

Tips etc.

It is possible to use the skirt part to sew a wrap skirt, in which case it will be approximately 2.5 meters on a 140 cm width. Sew all skirt parts together and hem both front pieces at the front edge. Then put on a double-sided waistband that ends in a long tie. Make the tie three meters long and 10 cm wide (join 2 pieces). Place approx. 70 cm on the right front piece that sticks out and pin right side to right side, then sew to the top of the skirt parts. Press the seam allowance upwards and then press a 1 cm edge around the entire tie, fold, press and pin and sew all around. Make a buttonhole on the right side of the waistband above the side seam where you thread the ribbon through. Hem and press! See picture 4-5.

You can also sew a wrap blouse by adding the bodice to the skirt pieces. In the picture I have added 17 cm to the length plus 4 cm for the hem. I have narrowed the skirt in all three seams by about 4 cm on each side, so 2 cm on each piece. The skirt part should therefore taper, so fold in the pattern part from top to bottom. Here you get to pin and try out how wide you want the bottom. Otherwise, the blouse is sewn exactly like the dress. This blouse uses just under 2 meters of fabric. See picture 3.

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