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Cardigan Astrid

Cardigan Astrid

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Pattern sheet and description for the Astrid tie jacket with two different lapel widths.

The knitted jacket Astrid is a lovely garment that can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the fabric you are sewing in and the weather, of course. It has a tapered and slightly shorter sleeve and is tied with a tie belt with buckles. There are additional pockets in the pattern, but in stronger fabrics these can become a bit baggy. If you want, you can also lengthen both the front and back pieces as well as the sleeves. If you extend the life, you must remember to extend the collar straps by the same amount.

The pattern is printed on a stronger paper that can be saved. The description is printed in color with pictures with a step-by-step guide to help you get going. Everything is delivered in a nice bag where you can keep both the pattern sheet and the description.

The PDF pattern is delivered directly after purchase in your confirmation email. Download and start by printing the description where there are tips on how to print the pattern pieces.


See the dimensions in the picture.

The model fits well in size, but if you are sewing in stronger fabric to use as a jacket, it may be good to go up a size. The model who is 1.70 wears size M on the one in beige and the other two in L. .


Astrid can be sewn in several different fabrics, wool, lined jacquard, denim, etc. will make a thicker jacket, while you can just as well choose viscose, cotton or lyocell for a thinner and perhaps more festive jacket. In the picture, I have sewn the jacket in a lined jacquard, as well as a wool fabric. Feel free to look at my fabric packages where you get both fabric and pattern in one and the same package, e.g. the fabric in the picture.

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