Blusar är min favorit

Blouses are my favorite

There is probably no garment I like more than blouses. I think they can be varied endlessly and suit all occasions. So easy to wear with both jeans and to dress up. That makes the blouses a big favorite in my wardrobe.

I sew a lot myself and mostly it has been blouses because they can be varied endlessly. One model I'm stuck with is the tie blouse, which has been sewn in both glitter and patterned viscose. But have also tried making gizzards, which was admittedly a bit tricky, but the result was fun. The latest sewing project was a pink blouse with long collar tabs and glitter buttons. I knew immediately when I saw the fabric what it would be.

Now, not everyone sews, so I've scanned the market a bit and looked for favorite blouses to wear this spring. Hope you find a favorite!

Patterned blouses
1. Rodebjer delivers lovely designs in all collections that are easy to like. Blouse Solomiya.
2. Stine Goya's patterns and models always put you in a good mood and the Dara blouse definitely pops.
3. A sweeter model in green floral comes from By Timo, Green garden.

Seersucker, white and collars
1. We already saw Seersucker last season, but I certainly haven't gotten tired of it. Blouse from HM.
2. &otherstories can always be trusted when it comes to cute blouses. This one has both a collar, which we already saw last fall, and puffy sleeves.
3. What a dream blouse in lace and collar from Nue Notes, Miella shirt.

Shirt blouses with edge
1. Cras is a Danish brand that makes shirts and blouses in both lovely patterns and colors. This one looks like the one I sewed and is called Myacra's shirt.
2. Stine Goya makes a blouse with silky material and lovely color. And the big collar I like a little extra now.
3. I think this blouse from Marimekko in silk is so nice. It arrived last winter, so it might be on sale...
4. Another blouse from Cras. This one feels like a lovely mix of cute and cool with floral patterns, but the model gives it an edge.

Puff, wrinkle and purple
1. Yes, purple or lilac mainly is really a color we will see more of. So lovely. The first blouse is from Ganni, which you can always trust when it comes to blouses.
2. Ruffles and smocks continue on cute blouses. This one comes in several colors and comes from Levete Room, Isla Solid.
3. You can also find purple at &otherstories, of course. Cute with ruffles and collar.

Would like to take the opportunity to recommend Tradera's image search if you are looking for something you like. So easy to just take a screenshot and search by image. You can get great results with the garments you are looking for. Maybe not exactly the same but several suggestions for something similar!

Feel free to comment and give a heart if you like.

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