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"Poplin" Plaid Black/White

"Poplin" Plaid Black/White

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It is difficult to find such fine fabrics in "regular" fabric stores today. I buy individual rolls so what is in stock will not be returned, but it is buy now that applies! This fabric is small checked in black/white. The squares measure approximately 4 mm. The quality is soft and very flexible and very comfortable to wear. Does not wrinkle!


150 cm

Quality & Care

• 100% cotton

• Can shrink very little in length
• Can be washed at 40 degrees, but recommends delicate washing at 30 degrees.
• Do not wash more than necessary, preferably air!

Tips etc.

Suitable for sewing to the following patterns:
• Nanna (dress, blouse, skirt)
• Sofia (dress and blouse)
• Tyra (skirts)
• Birgitta (tie blouse)

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Mina mönster var från början en del av digitala sykurser. Efterfrågan att få sy mina plagg ökade och sommaren 2022 skapades de första. Nu finns det sex symönster med flera variationer. Alla modeller har fått namn från min mormor Nanna som var sömmerska. Mönstren finns både som mönsterark och i PDF-format. Alla har tydliga bilder i varje steg.